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Ingrid Beerda-Hutten

- About Ingrid Beerda-Hutten -

Ingrid Beerda completed her education as a piano teacher at the Conservatory of Zwolle in 1998 en her education as Music Teacher at the Conservatory of Groningen in 2007.

Riekje Bakker, vocal teacher at the Conservatory of Zwolle trained her as a soprano and later Dinie Buis did the following training. She followed the Estyl Voicetraining System with Alberto ter Doest In Rotterdam and later with Dinie Buis. This Voiecetraining system is very useful in conducting her choir. Ingrid has much experience in choir singing and sung leading parts at occasion.

While studying she found out that composing music came easy to her. Choralmusic as pianomusic as songs or orchestral arrrangements she made with joy. The last years her focus is on the harp! Playing and composing fort his beautiful instrument.

Curriculum Vitea;
- Pianoteacher since 1982
- Giving choraltraining in prima vista singing 2002-2004
- Music teacher at highschool 2005-2009
- Composer since 2010
- Harplessons and recitals since 2012